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Global Forest Consulting helped me turn my start-up idea into a stable business. They guided me through the process of establishing an effective business plan, using the power of social media, and achieving my business objectives goals every week. I got remarkable results within a few weeks!

- Milica Zegarac, Founder of Yoga Prema

  I can't thank the team at Global Forest Consulting enough! They helped me scale-up my business big time. They jumped right into it, got my sales climbing immediately, and the customers keep coming! We worked on a plan that also helped me modify my business personality to get maximum results. Great service!

- Vojislav Milošević , Owner of CCTWP

Business was seriously nose-diving and needed quick salvaging before I lost it all. I was skeptical at first when I contacted Global Forest Consulting based on word of mouth referral, but as soon as I did, I knew I had hit a goldmine. GFC ran a thorough assessment, made bare the root of my company’s problem and gave detailed strategic planning models that brought business back up and running in no time and in just a year, return on investment and profits had tripled. I am very impressed with their professional approach, incredibly well planned strategy and perfectly tailored procedure to eliminate problems and challenges in business growth and profit making such that my business has experienced a massive transformation necessary to achieve the much needed profit. Also, another good thing with this remarkable company is that they are always up-to-date on the latest growth strategy and business consulting service which are always right on target and has also contributed immensely to the immediate improvement of our sales. I am more than excited giving Global Forest Consulting a benefit of doubt and I recommend to businesses needing proven plan business strategies and the coaching needed for the result they want.

- Jacob Singer, CEO of Lead Spring Media

Starting a new business has never been this easy with Global Forest Consulting. Knowing how difficult start up can be, finding GFC was a great relief. They outlined all I needed to know and what approach to take in order to have a successful start up business. Then another trouble was how to get clients as quick as possible which Global Forest Consulting handled perfectly and professionally by providing highly strategic, insightful, and actionable recommendations that enabled quick lead generation activities, as well as identifying and approaching new customers. GFC walked me through the step by step process, providing tailor-made business solutions. With their knowledge and expertise, I have been able to manage my business independently and profitably too. I couldn't have had a more experienced and resourceful consultant company. They have a team of professional consultants who are patient, thorough and have a knowledge base that is exceptional. I had the pleasure of starting my business career with Global Forest Consulting and I have not one day regretted it. I sincerely want to recommend GFC to businesses needing the help of a professional consulting firm in maneuvering through two key areas of business–sales growth planning and risk assessment and management.

- Steve Jones, CEO of StarGazers