CCTWP: A Lesson In Scaling

CCTWP is another client who came to us at a vital point in their existence. Their business had been operating to some success for several years, but they had no clear direction forward.

The Challenge: How to Reach the Next Level

When CCTWP approached us, they were dealing with a challenge that many existing businesses eventually must face: how to properly scale. To take a business to the next level, it requires a lot more than just doing things the way they’ve been done and expecting the same level of results. It takes careful planning and, more importantly, the implementation of a new model. CCTWP, like most businesses, wasn’t sure which business model would work best for their long-term future and sought out the help of GFC.

The Solution: Diversification

When we first began working with CCTWP, we began with an analysis of their existing business model. While it was certainly working, it wasn’t enough to help them reach the next level as a company. From there, with a better understanding of their existing strengths, we were able to help them identify new revenue sources.

The Results

By diversifying their business activities, they were poised to hurdle the wall and scale effectively for long-term success and growth. Almost immediately, CCTWP noticed a large increase of first-time customers and their sales began to grow beyond their expectations. With a wider business model, they were able to scale efficiently without losing their core identity and were better equipped to manage their newfound growth. That success continues for CCTWP today.

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