Lead Spring Media: Reversing a Company’s Fortunes

Lead Spring Media is a New York-based company specializing in lead conversion and data analysis across multiple vertical markets and industries. They came to Global Forest Consulting on the referral of another colleague in need of guidance to change the trajectory of the company.

The Challenge: How to Save The Company

Lead Spring came to us at a point in their existence when business was nose-diving. Profits were rapidly shrinking and there was a real worry that Lead Spring would not be able to survive as a company without drastic measures. While it was clear that the company was flatlining, pinpointing the source of these problems was not so easy, and they needed an outside source who could properly assess their approach and recommend course-corrective actions.

The Solution: Procedure Analysis and Problem Identification

When Lead Spring first came to us, we had as much insight into the problems as they did, which is to say not much. We approached this challenge by first providing a deep analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. After thorough evaluation of the systems and processes in place at Lead Spring, we found that they lacked an effective growth and scaling strategy, and that lack had ultimately led to stagnation. With careful consideration of their stated goals, GFC was able to create a strategic model that was designed around making existing operations more efficient while also providing effective solutions to the growth wall they were faced with.

The Results

In implementing our tailor-made plan, Lead Spring Media experienced a complete turnaround. Within a year, their ROI had tripled and not only had the company reversed its fortunes, but they’d also carved out a very profitable future. In addition, they were better equipped to manage the day-to-day business operations with our models, making their operations more efficient as well as more effective. A complete turnaround in less than a year!

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