StarGazers: Building a Better Business Foundation

StarGazers is a company specializing in modern marketing and influencer campaigns. When they came to us, they were in their infant stages and weren’t exactly sure what their best plan was.

The Challenge: How to Launch Effectively

When we partnered with StarGazers, they had a great business plan in place, but they weren’t sure how to successfully get that business off of the ground. This is a common experience for many new startups, and it usually boils down to one of two essential questions: What should our first steps be? OR Do we have a firm enough foundation to build on. Without a clear focus, StarGazers felt that they were trapped before they’d ever left the ground. They needed guidance.

The Solution: Rebuilding The Foundation

We started first by reshuffling their existing plan and overhauling their procedures and strategies. This was an important step to take, as it allowed us to then tackle the problem with a clean slate. In doing so, we were able to help StarGazers rebuild the foundation of their business model with a more focussed plan and streamlined processes that allowed for better efficiency and a more effective business.

The Results

Our tailor-made solution for StarGazers allowed them to not only get off the ground as a business, but to grow in their first years. Our streamlined approach allowed them to spend less time trying to figure things out and more time focussing on better lead generation, identifying new customers, and managing from strength instead of weakness. By putting our honest, actionable plans to work, StarGazers was was in a strong position to scale properly when the time came.

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