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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you differ from other business consulting firms?

Business consulting tends to be a very broad and vague industry. A lot of firms throw around the word, “consulting,” in general, racking up billable hours without defining obtainable or objective business goals, and, most importantly, without returning measurable outcomes. Aside from the fact that we have some cool trees in our logo, it is in our best interest to help you grow to more profitable and happy heights, so that we can grow with you.

Can you promise an increase in our business performance?

While every business is different, we can promise continual business improvements and stabilization. We’re also big on insights; learning is often the precursor to growth. We’ll provide analytics throughout the process to show you what all of this means on paper, because we know you probably get as excited about graphs as we do.

What do you mean when you say, “We make your business our business”?

Our clients have access to 24/7 responsive support. That means, when you think of something important at 3 A.M. or at 3 P.M., we’ll be there to answer your question or bounce ideas off of. You don’t just become a client of Global Forest Consulting, you become part of our inner circle of success, and that means more than 9-5 for us.

How long-term is this relationship? Do you just leave us when things are starting to look good?

No, Global Forest Consulting is your long-term partner. When we decide it’s a good fit, you better get comfortable, because we’re going to be here for you to keep accelerating your business and acting as a resource. Our job isn’t complete when things start improving – that’s when we buckle down, tweak things, and really dive into proactive measures for the future.

What is a Virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer)?

A Virtual CFO is your go-to contact on our end, along with investment consultants and other team members, such as chief performance strategists, who will act as an in-sync unit to develop a strong foundation for, and really grow, your business. In our global digital economy, we may not be right next to you in a physical sense, but we have the tools to allow us to be proverbially next to you in every important way for maximum success.

If I have a startup idea, can you help me turn it into a viable business model?

It may not always be the direction you would’ve imagined, or that you may like initially, but we aren’t here to coddle your, “Uber for renting a goat,” idea. We are here to be the ones who can help turn your great ideas into real life, and help transform your not-so-great ideas into things that might just work.

What does it mean to have, “lean,” consulting practices? Is that a good thing?

“Lean,” consulting does not mean we’ve put our consulting on a diet. It does mean that we are quick, efficient, and goal-oriented. Rescuing and growing businesses is often a time-senstive thing, so our aim is to trim the fat, get straight to the point, and have you seeing reliable results as quickly as possible.

What is the first step if I’m curious in your services? Is there any obligation if we begin the conversation?

If you are unsure of where to begin, applying for a free business assessment with Jennifer Chen is an excellent, no-obligation first step. This will give you access to our makeover kit, special webinars, and, of course, an initial discovery meeting for us to get to know each other. It will be important for us to explore if Global Forest Consulting is a good fit for your needs, so don’t hold anything back; we’re curious about your business and where you want to take it.